Team Members

Sanjay Patel

COO, Construction Projects

Sanjay came to the United States with his family in 1990 and began his career at Micron Industries manufacturing aviation parts. He joined his family’s business in 1996 as a front desk clerk and financial manager for their motel in Dallas. In 2000, the family acquired a Holiday Inn in Forrest City, Arkansas that also included a Denny’s restaurant. Sanjay was deployed to support management at the property.

He found his calling on the construction site. In 2001, he managed his first major hotel renovation when his family acquired an independent property in Marshall, Texas. Today, Sanjay has presided over the construction of over 40 new-build hotels, often managing up to 10 concurrent projects.

His portfolio of work boasts a diverse set of product segments, including select-service, extended-stay, and full-service properties. With in-house general contracting under Sanjay’s leadership, NewcrestImage is able to maximize efficiency and hold a firm line on quality control, while also fostering lasting relationships with local agencies involved in commercial construction.

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