Team Members

Mehul Patel

Chairman & CEO

Mehul Patel came to the United States in 1990 and settled with his family in Garland, Texas. In high school, he and Chirag partnered to buy a small bulk mailing business. In one year, they increased the company’s sales fourfold and agreed to pursue a new venture.

They sold the mailing business and, with Mehul’s brother Sanjay, bought an independent motel in Dallas. Mehul continued to build his reputation as a hotel developer, and before long, NewcrestImage Management was born. When the economy plunged in 2008, the company was committed to an ambitious development plan that included 30 new hotels. But with forecasts growing worse by the day, Mehul mobilized his team and some key partners to adapt.

They sold 20 hotels in a single portfolio jointly owned by Newcrest Management and their partners at Image Hospitality, to Starwood Capital. The sale prompted the companies to eventually merge to form NewcrestImage. From 2013 to 2014, Mehul served as the youngest chairperson of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA). He received his undergraduate degree in computer information systems from the University of Texas at Arlington.

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