We Manage

From pre-opening to long-term management, NewcrestImage offers a trusted suite of management services to fit each owner’s individual needs based on our proven successful strategy that keeps our hotels among the top-ranked within their brands. NewcrestImage is known for a management style and a leadership culture that inspires our associates. Each property managed by NewcrestImage aims to provide our guests with endlessly comfortable, convenient experiences marked by outstanding service.

People & Culture

NewcrestImage has a reputation as a great place to work, which means that we can assemble a terrific team for your property. Our People & Culture department also works closely with each property’s operations team, boosting retention of valuable employees. This formula creates an attractive team atmosphere, and along with a competitive compensation and benefits package, results in a desirable work environment for the sought-after candidates we seek.

Finance & Accounting

Our finance and accounting department makes transparency a rule. Streamlined reporting systems and strong personal relationships mean that owners can expect centralized accounting, careful purchase-order review, strict inventory management, and progressive business intelligence.

Technology & BI

Technology can be a competitive advantage. NewcrestImage uses the latest mobile and collaboration technology tools to stay connected to our team members and guests. Our Intranet site allows efficient communication between each property and central accounting, which can then handle the data processing for routine necessities like Accounts Payable, Payroll and General Ledger. This combination of planning, data creation, and analysis enables owners to make timely and well-informed investment decisions.

Sales & Revenue

NewcrestImage’s sales and revenue operation starts with an aggressive recruitment process to select the best salespeople at the property level, supported by strong national sales leaders. Customized marketing plans factor in competition, property strengths and weaknesses, and local market conditions. We then use Internet marketing, search engine optimization, direct marketing and other tools to achieve our goals, and we provide owners with a range of reports designed to help forecast room sales and demand on a monthly basis.

Food & Beverage

Dedicated to our guest’s harmonious and healthy experiences, the NewcrestImage food and beverage team is focused on innovative EXPERIENTIAL dining, through distinctive concepts and engaged menus presentations. Our philosophy of EXPERIENTIAL dinning characterizes our dedication to dynamic guest experiences with thoughtful sensory culinary and cocktail offerings. The team is made up of inventive Mixologists and Culinarians redefining the f&b experience with clever concoctions and mastery of the art of the performance with a refined approach to your health and experiences. Our core inspirations are always putting people first, giving back to our communities, creating memorable experiences, and producing multi-dimensional concepts that are not only profitable but sustainable.