NewcrestImage is a premier company that designs, builds and operates best in class hotels for the most renowned brands in the hospitality industry. We are a trendsetting employer that is acutely focused on culture and strives to genuinely care for people so their lives are enriched. Please take a few moments to learn about our company and explore our opportunities.

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1290 +
$ 1 Billion
in assets
guests served in 2018

Our Values

We believe that core values represent the very fabric of an organization. Our core values inspire everyone and align our actions around a common set of principles. 

Our purpose is to genuinely care for people so their lives are enriched.

our values are:


We realize that the health of our associates and their family members is a primary concern. Because of that, we strive to provide an affordable, competitive and flexible benefits package.

Our benefits offerings include several medical health plans, dental, vision, an attractive 401(k) plan, life insurance, long term and short term disability, and an employee assistance program for legal issues and identify theft. 

Giving Back

One of our Core Values is “GIVING is FUN,” and we like to demonstrate our commitment to this value in all kinds of ways. We constantly seek opportunities to give back to our associates, guests, and host communities. 

This can be as simple as recognizing an associate for a job well done, handmaking blankets and gift bags for a senior living facility, or providing over 25,000 bars of life-saving soap to Clean the World. Giving truly is fun at NewcrestImage!

We Genuinely Care

Embark Upon A New Journey

The key to our continued success is our associates. While we offer competitive pay and great benefits, it is our culture that attracts so many. We do not invite people into our company that want a job, but rather people that are passionate about enriching people’s lives no matter what position they hold. Come be part of something meaningful.

Why NewcrestImage

Are you looking for a career that is people-focused, with intentional cultural development, and a thriving business with exciting opportunities? Join NewcrestImage where we offer that and so much more! We maintain a progressive culture that suits the modern associate’s needs by not only putting people first, but also nurturing the growing community around us.

Our unparalleled recognition among multiple brands in the hospitality industry puts us at the top of the list. We are fun, friendly, and forward-focused. The NewcrestImage value provides unprecedented advancement opportunities, with a personalized approach to career paths. Together, we will help explore your goals and help define your roadmap to success!
NewcrestImage offers benefits packages that are more than just medical coverage. We offer what matters most to you, and we continue to adapt to our associates’ needs.

Join us in our adventures as we continue to grow!